I learned of the following story last week:


Good lord, this is good news…a successful pairing of religion and gambling!  Its about time.  Have you ever thought how similar blackjack and religion are?

Both have unknown results until the very end.  Both require a significant financial investment.  Both involve praying.  Both require you to follow a set of rules that rely on faith (splitting eights against a ten…you MUST have conviction).  Both are practiced on Sundays.  Both can drive you crazy.  Free wine is usually distributed to patrons of both.   Both can break up a marriage if the husband and wife differ on whether or not to participate in the activity.  Bingo is usually nearby both.  Both include the proclamation “Jesus Christ!” at one time or another.  Both are deemed a waste of time by some folks.

Can you think of any other similarities?

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  1. I like Skittles says:

    Both involve prostitutes and nudity.

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Skittles, your post was extremely inappropriate, blatantly rude and non-sensical related to the original post. I LOVE IT! Be sure to invite some of your degenerate blackjack friends to follow the blog.

  2. Curtis says:

    i’ve seen a person splashed in the face with water at church and at the casino. does that count?

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Absolutely, Curtis…thanks for the comedic input! One time, a nun splashed holy water on my face when I attended third grade at St Phillip Neri Catholic school in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I think she wanted to see if I would sizzle.

  3. Ken Redman says:

    You are the last person who should be writing about religion, Colonel!!!


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