You could be one of the first to post your own blackjack story.  What did you win?  What did you lose?  Where did you play?  Was your story of success, luck, frustration, good fortune, fate, juxtaposition, sorrow, karma, comeback, or justifiable homicide due to the dealer beating your twenty with a six-card twenty-one?

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  1. RJH says:

    I lost $1600 last week at Mohican Sun inb 10 minutes

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Congratulations, RJH! (Or, can I just call you R?) Your story is the first one submitted by a follower of the blog. Thanks for helping me lose my virginity! Was your $1600 disaster the result of a painful losing streak?


  2. Lucky says:

    I don’t like that everyone thinks they can count cards nowadays. It is not easy and should not be tried without practicing at home. I get frustrated when others try counting and the pit boss gives me heat at the same table. There should be seperate tables for counters and non-counters.

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Welcome to the site, Lucky. I’m new to this blog thing, so I’m not sure if you were trying to be funny or not with the comment, “There should be separate tables for counters and non-counters.” You realize that separate tables would make it easy for the casino staff to identify us, right? Then again, I would be sure to always sit at the non-counting table…big shot blackjack gamblers who know nothing about card-counting might sit at the counting table in order to impress members of the opposite sex. Keeping track would be a mess.

      Do you really hate it when amateur card-counters sit with you? I like it…it’s better than players who are blackjackally challenged.


  3. Wielgoleski says:

    I remember this one time I lost 400 dollars shadowing bets with my uncle in Central City, CO. It sucked donkey dick.

  4. Scott Olsen says:

    I was playing double-deck at Terribles in Vegas over the weekend. The TC was +5. For the first time in my life, I split tens on a $250 bet against a 6. I received another ten, and split again. Then another ten, and a final split. I ended up with 19, 20, 18, and 20. The dealer had a face underneath. Before I knew it, he drew a 5 for a 21!!! I lost $1000 in seconds. Stupid!!!

  5. BGN19 says:

    I lost every hand of a 6-deck shoe. It must have been 25 hands, there was only two of us at the table. The other guy lost every hand except one BJ. The dealer never busted

  6. Cvram13 says:

    I was playing some BJ at the palms with quite the crowd on my last trip. There was a huge Asian guy, a middle eastern guy that barely spoke English and was playing for the first time, a Russian mobster (assumption of course but judging by his stack of yellow chips and super hot girls hanging on him I feel my assumption is right lol), then the last guy before the dealer was this drunk wannabe pro gambler douche bag trying to offer advice to everyone including the dealers and pit boss. Oh did I mention that the dealer was insanely hot! Needless to say it was challenging to concentrate but 2 hours and a vodka red bull later I’m up $2500 and the “pro” is hitting the ATM machine again haha I tipped the dealer, told the douche thanks for the tips (sarcasm at its finest), then wished the rest of the table good luck and went on to kick the shit out of the Venetian for 6k!!!

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      I love a good blackjack story involving douche bags and huge Asian guys. I’ve also played at tables with suspected mobsters…although, I’ve never been brave enough to write about them on a blog! Is this Henry Hill?

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