Welcome to a website dedicated to the only casino game in which a knowledgeable, card-counting player can have an advantage over the house – BLACKJACK!  (Just hearing that word makes your private parts tingle, doesn’t it?)

This blog is not intended to trump other sites that offer quality blackjack and card-counting strategy, such as The Wizard of Odds or Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum .  It is also not an online blackjack casino or simulator like Bovada or Blackjack Trainer.

Instead, this is the place where you can read about:

–  A blackjackally challenged player with a deformed hand who caused hysteria on a riverboat

–  The man who lost $50 because of an improbable streak of cards and a silly superstition

–  A woman with significant cleavage who made the dealer, other players, and the pit-boss drool like a puppy

–  The genius who scared the livin’ bejesus out of other patrons in a Kansas casino

And much, much more from real players, like you.  Have fun!

10 responses »

  1. Sarah Dempsey says:

    I look forward to reading your funny and insightful stories!

  2. P. Wohlers says:

    haha i like the talmadge story!

  3. BGN19 says:

    Your chip of the day idea is already on the Wizard of Vegas site

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Thanks for the constructive feedback, BGN19. Are you talking about “Doc’s” post of March 15, 2012? If so, there is a distinct difference. Doc featured a “Chip of the Day.” Mine is clearly a “Chip of the Month.” There is a big difference. Can you imagine if women had “…that special time of the day?!” What if you received an electric bill once a day?

      By the way, Doc’s chip collection and accompanying stories are great!

  4. Mark says:

    Really funny stories. I like the funny note you gave to these pieces of news. I like blackjack but not with real money, i’d rather play poker instead.

  5. Mikey says:

    This is stupid

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