Here are two current events that impact blackjack players in different ways:

If I had to sit at the table with the blackjack dealing robot, I would eventually jump to his side and tear off those hamster-wheel hand thingies!  I hate slow dealers.  This mechanical pile of plastic and wires would drive me nuts.  I couldn’t even make it past the 32-second mark of the YouTube video.  The Japanese genius who built the BJ robot would’ve served his nation better by designing a new and improved vending machine that dispenses schoolgirl panties.  (Google it…I don’t make up everything that I write!)

On a more pleasing note, congratulations to the state of Maryland for approving live blackjack at some of their gaming halls.  Now, half the gamblers on the east coast won’t have to schlep there way up I-95 (following the stinky smell) to get to Atlantic City.  Too bad Maryland blackjack didn’t happen 5-10 years ago…there was a time in which I went to the Washington DC area a couple times a month for military duties.  Now, as a government civilian, I won’t be traveling anywhere due to budget cutbacks.  If any government civilians at the Pentagon want to give it a shot, they can take their reduced paycheck to the Maryland casinos in order to win back the 20% taken from sequestration.  Good luck.


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