Edward Thorp, Stanford Wong, and Arnold Snyder did not have this problem when they wrote blackjack books–I am compelled to let everyone know that the last chapter of my ridiculous, literary masterpiece contains a spoiler alert for the movie, Anna Karenina.

In the last chapter of 1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors, I mention that all great books or movies have a memorable or unexpected ending.  I reference the endings of The Shawshank Redemption, Catch-22, Citizen Kane, and The DaVinci Code.  I also discuss what happens to Anna in Leo Tolstoy’s literary classic.  For those of you who plan to see the latest movie adaptation of Anna Karenina starring the delicious Keira Knightley, I must warn you that my book blows the ending for you.  For those of you who have already read my book, and are plannning to see the movie, Anna Karenina, starring the scrumptious Keira Knightley, I apologize in advance that my last chapter already ruined the ending for you.  For those of you men (and maybe a few ladies) who will never in a million years watch something as sophisticated as the the movie, Anna Karenina, but instead will do Google image searches of Keira Knightley all day, then my book will spoil nothing for you.  (By the way, did you see the picture of her wearing the gold and black men’s tie with an unbuttoned white, collared shirt and black lace bra?  Rrrroooowwww!!!)

For those of who plan to buy my book, and also want to watch the movie, Anna Karenina, without having the ending spoiled, do I advise that you steer clear of the book?  No way!  I’m trying to make a profit, buddy.  Here’s what I recommend that you do: (1) Buy the book, maybe two copies, just in case something happens to the first, (2) Read the first 209 pages, pausing several times as needed to recover from the laughter, (3) Skip the first paragraph on page 210.  All you’ll miss is that I emphasize the need to have a good ending to the book, (4) Read the last ten pages, still laughing up until the last page, where you might shed a tear, (5) Go see the movie, Anna Karenina, starring the delectable Keira Knightley.  Don’t forget the popcorn, (6) Then, maybe, you download some sexy pictures of the lass.  Did you see the one of her in the white, polka dot bra and panties putting on a gray tanktop nightshirt?  Tolstoy never had a more happy ending!

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