In the past six months, this site has had over 3000 hits.  That means someone is reading this drivel.  On the contrary, this site is averaging 0.00001 responses per day from visitors.  Why the imbalance?  Doesn’t everyone have a blackjack story?  If so, please tell me about it.  Do you have a funny story?  How about a big win or loss?  What about a strange encounter with another player or casino employee?  Anything!  At this point, I’d even accept pictures of cute dogs and cats.  Lay it on me…As I have fully demonstrated, the words don’t have to be Shakespeare.

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  1. Friend? says:

    How about me sending a picture of my dog’s poop?>

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was playing at the Aria last week and got overpaid by the cashier! I had $160 in chips but she gave me $170. I ran away smiling!

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