Richard Munckin is a renown blackjack author and professional gambler.  Here is his review on my book:

Despite his negative review on my literary masterpiece, at least Mr Munchkin printed my response on his website.  I have no problem with what he said–diehard card-counters and professional gamblers are not my target audience.  I just wish Richard would’ve mentioned one of the ten-thousand funny anecdotes or stories from the book.  He mentioned zero.  For instance, when I made the decision to Martingale $100 in an attempt to buy a TV, I was sitting on the toilet!  How could that tidbit from the story go unmentioned? 

The whole thing was like someone doing a book review of The Bible and saying, “The weather conditions were always horrid and the main characters were poorly dressed.  Also, the food and beverage choices at the last supper leave something to be desired.  I give it one swarm of locusts on a scale of five swarms of locusts.”

Life goes on.


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