The following story was posted today in light of the outcome of the Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks game on Monday Night Football:–nfl.html

The article inspired me to do something similar.  A few years ago, I bullshitted a blackjack dealer into paying me on a losing hand.  I had a six-card hand that totalled twenty-two.  When I received the last card, I knew it was twenty-two, but I loudly exclaimed, “Twenty-one!”  The dealer continued with the remaining players to my left.  When he busted on his own hand, the dealer paid me on a $25 bet.  It was a $5o swing, since I should’ve lost.  I never said a word, but winked to another player who noticed what happened.

Because of the incredible ethic demonstrated in the linked story, I plan on returning to the casino where the dealer made a mistake.  I will then give him back $50.


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