An editor reviewing my manuscript contends that I am a petty thief.  Do you agree?  Here is a 100% true, short story from my book:

I had been playing at a blackjack table that was part of a pit containing eight tables arranged in an elliptical manner.  On the opposite side of the pit, I noticed a dealer drop a green, $25 chip.  The chip, approximately twenty feet away inside a roped area, remained on the carpet for a couple minutes without anyone noticing.  I sat next to a regular blackjack player who shared many a table with me over the years.  I whispered to him confidently and pointed, “I bet I can get that chip.”  He looked to where the green chipped rested on the carpet.  “No way!” he exclaimed, “You can’t get anywhere near that chip without someone noticing.”  I grabbed three green chips from my current stack and begin walking around the pit to the opposite side.  As I approached the table with the green chip beyond it, I intentionally bumped into the barstool at first base and fell to the side of the table, dropping my three green chips in an exaggerated manner.  The dealer called, “Chips down.”  This action immediately got the attention of the pit-boss, who came to my aid.  “Crap,” I muttered, “I dropped my chips.”  The pit-boss scoured the floor near me and the back of the table, producing four green chips.  “How many did you lose, four?” she asked, handing me the chips.  “Yeah, thanks.”  As I walked back to the original table, my cohort shook his head in disbelief saying, “Un-fuckin’-believable!”

5 responses »

  1. JT says:

    Yes but who cares

  2. Angel says:

    I agree with the editor. You are stealing. WOuld you pick up money dropped by someone? Do you shoplift? God says THou Shalt Not STeal. I like your other stories but I drwa the line at you or anyone stealing.

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      OK, Angel. You are entitled to your opinion. But you should know…God gave me the wonderful ability to pull off that green-chip casino switcheroo. He is truly great. Glen

  3. Sean says:

    Yes, you are stealing. I do however give you props for the plan and execution.

    • Glen Wiggy says:

      Here’s a strange coincidence, Sean. One time, I was the backstage set manager for a school play…I stole some props back then. In that instance, I was a thief.

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